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SMART-Tech Moves to Miami

March 27 to 29

Strategic Innovation: Charting a Course between Disruption and Stability

SMART-Tech, our annual ​Spring conference is moving from New York to Miami.  Better weather and more convenient travel make Miami the better venue in March.  We return to New York for our Fall event, Lottery Expo, which will be held October 20 to 22 in NYC.  We hope you like this change!

​The headlines all proclaim the wonders of disruption - “disrupt or be disrupted” being the business mantra du jour.  But does everyone want to be the next Uber?  If you are a start-up with nothing to lose and everything to gain, it’s easy to be the bold change-agent disruptor.  If you are a multi-billion dollar business with dominant market share and millions of loyal customers who love your product, the posture should probably be more measured and strategic.  How do we reconcile the imperative to innovate and be market-leaders with the equally important goal of optimizing the value of our current products, existing business model and infrastructure, and legacy assets?   

For more info about SMART-Tech, please visit or call me, Paul Jason, at 425-449-3000 or e-mail at Thank you!

PGRI SMART-TECH 2018 Co-Hosted by PGRI  and the Florida Lottery

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