Why Public Gaming International Magazine is grabbing the attention and

readership of the industry...

The gaming industry is at a crossroads. Opportunities abound to expand the types of

games and methods of distribution. The mission of Public Gaming International

Magazine is to turn this potential into reality. As ardent advocates for progressive change,

we encourage the leaders of the industry to be bold and stretch to overcome obstacles

to growth. We also encourage the leaders of the industry to be receptive to the wealth of

ideas and creativity coming out of the commercial suppliers to the industry. The longterm

success of the industry depends on a healthy and collaborative relationship between

operators and suppliers. Public Gaming Research Institute is dedicated to fostering a

collaborative relationship between gaming operators, commercial suppliers, and also

legislators, regulators, and other shapers of public policy.

Public Gaming Research Institute was founded in 1971 to advocate for the interests of

government-sponsored gaming. Our mission continues to be to help the lotteries and

government-sponsored gaming benefit by the changes that are sweeping the industry. We

do this by delivering editorial and analyses that address the challenging issues of the day

in a straightforward way, giving a voice to the industry leaders by way of cutting edge

interviews, and encouraging an open dialogue about provocative topics. Our editorial

does focus on issues of public policy, but our primary mission is to help the lottery and

gaming operator to grow and prosper.

We encourage our readers to appreciate that it is the innovative products, strategies, and

solutions provided by the commercial gaming community which ultimately drives growth

and enables operators to succeed. We look to our commercial supporters to step into the

role of “thought leader”, to help our constituents understand how new games, new media

and distribution channels provide an extraordinary foundation for growth. Public

Gaming International Magazine endeavors to be your best media partner and advocate

for the gaming industry. In addition to the print magazine, our website, e-newsletters,

and conferences work hard to get attention for our advertisers and supporters. They also

work well together, encouraging the reader to enjoy and benefit from all of Public

Gaming’s different resources.

We need your support and depend upon it and are dedicated to

working hard to earn it. I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to e-mail

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The Products:

Print Magazine: Six per year; mailed bi-monthly to 3,000 gaming professional globally,

including all lottery organizations, gaming control board members, analysts, legislators,

regulators, and commercial executives.

Electronic Version of Magazine: e-mails to over 15,000 industry professionals all around

the world. Print ad’s are included in the electronic version at no extra charge.

Website: is the most comprehensive resource for news in

the gaming industry. Along with the general news, there are interviews and editorials to

provide context to the events and trends that drive the gaming industry. Averaging over

12,000 page views a day, the website is being read by the leaders of the industry. It’s

updated daily, so check in frequently. Like many of your colleagues, you will come to

rely on it on a daily basis for current gaming industry news and editorial focused on

government sponsored gaming. Of course, the banner ad’s link directly back to your

website or to wherever you want to link to. Check it out.

The Banner Advertising Program includes banners on both the Morning

Report free weekly e-newsletter and the website So

your banner gets sent out to over 15,000 people once a week and also appears

on the

website where the reach and impact are working for you 24/7. The result is a

synergistic campaign that produces maximum worldwide reach, impact, and


e-Newsletters: The ‘Morning Report’ is our weekly electronic newsletter that is emailed

to over 15,000 industry professionals. Your banner is included in this weekly

newsletter at no extra charge. This is a unique feature that gets huge exposure for your

banner. The ‘Daily News Digest’ is our subscription e-newsletter e-mailed to over 2,000


Conference: SMART-Tech is our annual conference. This year will be in New York

City, right in Midtown. Our focus is on how our constituents can benefit by the

globalization of the industry. One aspect of this is to forge the collaborative relationships

that will form the basis for a global “Brand Lottery”. Another theme we’ll focus on is

New Media and Internet gaming. A third focus is the analyses of the changing regulatory

environment in Europe and North America. This conference has grown significantly in

each of the past three years, and this year will include our European constituents. So

please come to SMART-Tech 2010 on March 22 to 25 at Manhattan Sheraton Hotel and


Please call me, Paul Jason, at 425-449-3000 or e-mail at Thank you!

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