History of PGRI

PGRI means industry leadership. Public Gaming Research Institute has been the trusted partner of lottery industry executives on both the government and commercial side since the development of the industry itself in the United States. Established in 1971, when only three US lotteries were in existence, PGRI was the trusted consulting voice (and the first lobbyist hired by the National Association of State

Lotteries, predecessor to NASPL) involved in the process of forming U.S. state lotteries, shaping government regulatory policy at a state and federal level, and the emergence of commerce to support the government-gaming industry. PGRI quickly became global, linking North American executives with their world-wide counterparts. PGRI International Magazine and conferences were the first in North America and PGRI continues to strive to set the standards of excellence.

It is no surprise that we continue as we began, at the forefront of the evolution of this remarkable industry. Public gaming leadership reads Public Gaming International Magazine, subscribes to The Daily News Digest, and The Morning Report, attends PGRI conferences, and counsels PGRI on how to frame the issues that affect the future of the industry.

Today, PGRI continues its leadership role:

• By helping to shape the conversation and the future of the lottery through the industry’s most comprehensive, premiere media coverage.

• By bringing the thoughts and challenges of global lottery leadership to a wide audience to move from conversation to action.

• By thoughtful coverage and analysis of issues impacting our industry worldwide, enabling colleagues from around the world to learn through other’s experiences.

• By putting the spotlight on commercially-developed innovations and strategies that drive the success of the industry, generating revenue for good causes.

By being part of PGRI Media, you are part of the conversation shaping the future of the government-gaming industry. and

Our websites are the most widely used digital resource in the industry with over 750,000

page views a month. is updated daily and an open resource to the industry. is the industry-leading archive of video interviews and


New Opportunities redesign, launched in 2017, brings a site-wide update in look, feel, and functionality to improve the site experience for our readers. With it comes new and more effective ways for our commercial partners to connect with the audience of gaming industry professionals.

• In-article ad placement and new ad unit formats.

• Ad placement within videos on PGRITalks, reinforcing your industry-leading role as speakers at our conferences.

• Your Corporate-Sponsor Digital Wall within your own dedicated section of Your wall will hold your articles, press releases, interviews, video presentations, and other content that drives daily engagement with the audience. Your customers will be attracted to the constantly updated content and the dynamic relationship that your Wall enables.

• The Public Gaming Research Institute Digital Library launched in 2017. This online research tool comprises every magazine from 2005-2016 and is searchable by keyword. With deep content invaluable to industry leaders on both the government-operator and the commercial sides of the business, a presence in this platform will deepen your connection to the industry. The PGRI Digital Library will constantly be adding content as it is created. Intelligent search tools will enable the quick and easy access to the specific information content desired.

PGRI will continue to create new portals, incorporate other digital libraries, and constantly improve the accessibility of information by building new interactive learning environments for you and your customers.

Public Gaming international Magazine

Fast Facts:

• 6 issues annually mailing to 3,000; digital version emailing to 15,000

• Distribution includes: The leadership of lotteries and government-gaming operators

globally, as well as control board members, analysts, legislators, regulators, and the

leaders of their commercial suppliers/partners. Distribution at conferences includes the

NASPL fall conference/trade show, NASPL Professional Development Seminar, the

European and World Lottery Association conferences & trade shows (World Lottery

Summit, El Congress, El Industry Days, EL/WLA Marketing seminar), ICE Totally

Gaming Show London, and Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Las Vegas.

PGRI is connected to the leadership of the industry No other journal features more

interviews with a global group of industry-leading C-Suite executives, sharing their successes, and vision for the future. They know that PGRI is read by the stakeholders of government gaming industry and use Public Gaming International as a platform to communicate their views, advocate for change, and shape the way the industry thinks about its challenges and opportunities.

Issues-based coverage PGRI editorial and articles provide a roadmap of the hot-spots that affect the industry, and of the top-of-mind issues that the leadership of this industry is grappling with. We embrace the charge to address the real issues with a fierce determination to drill past the platitudes and into the controversial or problematic essence and implications that these issues represent. Public Gaming International Magazine is the must-read for industry government leadership.

Spotlight on Commercial Partners Your editorial contributions smooth the path for the introduction of your innovation team’s next-step technologies and platforms. These articles enjoy extensive readership and are a focal point of interest for our constituents, who are looking for new ideas, new ways to increase participation and sales.

Uniquely global PGRI is the only media company that engages the international leadership of this industry. We are there in person, covering all major international conferences and events. PGRI provides content to and edits the European Lottery Digital Magazine, and conducts the Lottery Hall of Fame awards ceremony at the NASPL, EL, and WLA conferences. Globally, we are the brand trusted to bring honesty, integrity, & advocacy to the sensitive areas surrounding government-sponsored gaming.