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SMART-Tech 2002

OUR THANKS TO THE GEORGIA LOTTERY Our sincere thanks to Rebecca Paul for being the co-sponsor and to the staff of the Georgia Lottery for helping to make SMART-Tech 2002 the great success that it was.

A special thanks goes to all of the presenters, panelists and exhibitors at SMART-Tech. You made the professional sessions and Circles of Learning so interesting and valuable for everyone. To our sponsors, a very special thanks for your financial support of the social functions, so important to everyones enjoyment of the conferences.


Many thanks to all of those lotteries and supplier companies that submitted ideas for the Smart-Ideas portion of SMART-Tech 2002. And thanks to those individuals who presented the ideas during the conference. All of the ideas were great and were definite winners for their respective organizations.

From among the 15 ideas presented, the following received the most votes from the lotteries and supplier companies in attendance.and hence were presented awards at the closing session of the conference. Each lottery and supplier company in attendance during the Smart-Ideas presentations were given one vote in order to keep the voting unbiased by the number of people attending from a particular organization. Ballots were counted by the Georgia Lottery “accounting firm” of Kelly Cavales, Lou Anne Russell and Cathy Walls. Our thanks for your help.

AWARDS CATEGORY: NEW PRODUCT, SERVICE OR TECHNOLOGY LOTTERY FIRST PLACE Draws Results Systems Loto Quebec Presenter: Beaudoin Daigneault

SECOND PLACE Enhancing Lotto Game (Lotto Plus) Washington State Lottery Presenter: Julie Martin

VENDOR FIRST PLACE (2) Collector Game with Multidimensional Bar Code Oberthur Gaming Technologies Presenter: Dennis Miller

E3-Colorado Scientific Games International Presenter: Jim Kennedy

SECOND PLACE (2) Laminated Products Pollard Banknote Presenter: Nancy Bettcher

Sign Technology American Lite Presenter: Ray Mickel

CATEGORY: REVENUE-ENHANCING LOTTERY FIRST PLACE On-Counter Scratch Sales in Supermarkets Washington State Lottery Presenter: Julie Martin

SECOND PLACE Lotto. . . . to Go! At Fueling Stations Washington State Lottery Presenter: Julie Martin

VENDOR FIRST PLACE ONLY The Change Game Bersch Gaming LLC Phil Congello

CATEGORY: COST SAVINGS VENDOR ONLY FIRST PLACE Random Animated Digital Drawing System TeleCom Game Factory Presenter: Budd Libby

SECOND PLACE Beetle Bailey Oberthur Gaming Technologies Presenter: Zoann Attwood

CATEGORY: OTHER LOTTERY FIRST PLACE Texas Lottery Studio Draws a Crowd Texas State Lottery Presenter: Keith Elkin

SECOND PLACE Community Outreach Washington State Lottery Presenter: Julie Martin

VENDOR FIRST PLACE ONLY Interfacing Products - Web-based Slingo Oberthur Gaming Technologies Presenter: Sean Athey

Directors and staff from twenty two of the U.S. lotteries participated in the SMART-Tech 2002 program for lottery professionals held in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Ritz Carlton-Atlanta, February 3-6, 2002. More U.S. lotteries, as well as participation from some Canadian and overseas lotteries, are still expected.

One of the driving forces for lottery interest in SMART-Tech this year is the conference theme: "The Name of the Game is Growth". With current pressures for more revenues by states, it makes sense to take this timely opportunity of SMART-Tech for lottery professionals got new ideas on how to grow revenues more quickly.

Multi-state lotteries, hot instant games & strategies, video lottery, new lotto strategies, Internet applications and some new products will be featured on the program.

A special, sign-of-the-times, feature this year was a presentation on biometric security technology and how it might be used in the lottery industry.

The guest, lottery-of-honor, for this meeting was the South Carolina Education Lottery which starts on January 7 thus becoming the first new lottery in the world in the twenty first century!

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